The Eastern Advantage – it’s a list of important services formulated to help your bottom line. The Eastern Advantage means you have a source for Technical Support, Sampling & Analysis, On-site Training and more — all designed to help protect your equipment and build value for your business by reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Take a look below to learn more. Or just give us a call, and we’ll put the Eastern Advantage to work for you.

Contamination Control Services

There are three ways Eastern Contamination Control Services help your bottom line. Think of Eastern Contamination Control as preventative maintenance for every piece of your equipment that uses lubes, machining oils or coolants. Contamination Control systems stop contaminants damage before it occurs. Here’s how you save:

  1. Extended life of lubes, machining oils and coolants. Contamination Control dramatically extends the service life of lubes, machining oils and coolants. Your company saves on the cost of replacement and the cost of disposal.
  1. Eliminate contamination damage to tooling and equipment. Even when you can’t see them, contaminants wear out extensive tooling, damage pumps and can cause equipment failure. Eastern can show you low-cost ways to eliminate contaminants and extend equipment life.
  1. Prevent downtime. Keeping your equipment on-line keeps your production on Schedule. Contamination Control can help reduce downtime by preventing excessive wear, clogging and sticking in lube, cooling and hydraulic systems. Contamination control is particularly beneficial in sophisticated hydraulic systems.

Bulk Storage

> Bulk Storage
> Stationary Tanks
> Tote Tanks

Description: Eastern provides our customers with several options in bulk storage. We can maintain quantities of specially blended customer product on hand at our facility to provide immediate delivery when required.We also provide customers with stationary bulk storage tanks and portable bulk tote tanks.

Contract Blending

> Lubes
> Metalworking Oils

Description: When you’re looking for a source to blend lubes or metalworking fluid to your specifications, you’ll appreciate the service Eastern offers. Each shipment of custom-blended product is 100% tested by our on-site Technical Services Lab before it leaves Eastern. And that means you can count on quality products made to your precise specifications. We’ll even supply you with product samples to prove quality. Eastern will also warehouse your contract-blended lubes and metalworking fluids to ensure a ready supply whenever you need it most.

Custom Formulating

> Custom Lubes
> Metalworking
> Greases

Description: Eastern is the right choice for custom formulated products designed to your performance needs. Here is why. We put our Technical Services Lab to work analyzing the needs of your equipment and your processes to determine precisely what qualities you need in lubes, metalworking fluids or greases. Then we blend and deliver the right product for your needs. You get better performance, longer tool life and less down time. What’s more, Eastern custom blended products are economical because you only pay for the performance qualities you need Eastern can also warehouse your custom-blended lubes and metalworking fluids to ensure a ready supply whenever you need it.

Coolant Sampling & Analysis

> Maximize Coolant Life
> Prevent Equipment Damage
> Increase Tool Life

Description: Contact Eastern about our Coolant Analysis Programs and solve chronic coolant problems. An Analysis will help ensure you have the right coolant for your equipment and operations. We’ll determine the need for coolant cleaners, biocides to manage system smells, and other additives to enhance equipment performance. Plus, we will help you schedule coolant maintenance to prolong life and save on replacement costs.

Lubrication Dispensing

> Lubricants
> Metalworking Fluids
> Greases

Description: Contact Eastern for lubricant dispensing equipment that supplies precisely controlled lubricants to your equipment and operations. Eastern installs and maintains lubrication dispensing equipment for lubes, metalworking fluids and greases. You benefit from controlled applications for lower lube costs and cleaner operations, plus assured lubrication levels to protect equipment and tooling. And Eastern will perform ongoing inspection and maintenance so you can focus on your operations.

Next Day Delivery

Description: We understand that there are times when an unscheduled delivery is necessary to keep your operation running. We take pride in our ability to deliver a great product, and just as important, when you need it.

Oil Filtration & Reclamation

> Like-new Oil Reconditioning
> Customized Programs
> Convenient On-site Reclamation

Description: Contact Eastern to customize an Oil Filtration & Reclamation Program for your company. Along with the environmental benefits, you can save on lube replacement and disposal costs while extending the life of equipment and tooling. We’ll help you establish an effective program that achieves target goals for cleanliness on an ongoing basis. An Eastern Program can help your lubes remain in like new condition throughout their useful life.

Oil Sampling & Analysis

> Lubes
> Metalworking Fluids
> Greases

Description: Contact Eastern about Oil Sampling & Analysis to be you be sure you’re getting the most for your lube dollars. Enjoy extended component and tooling life, increase efficiency and save on lubrication and coolant costs. You’ll receive a detailed analysis report containing Particle Count (Industrial), Viscosity Analysis, TAN – Total Acid Number, TBN – Total Base Number (Engine), Water Analysis, Spectrometric Analysis, Photo Analysis and more. Ask us about the right programs for your process and systems.

Plant Surveys

> Correct Lube Problems and Deficiencies
> Consolidate Supplies
> Control Lube Costs

Description: Contact Eastern about a plant survey to help ensure you have the correct lubricant for every application. We’ll help you solve chronic lube problems, ensure your not over-spending for formulations and additives you don’t need, and show you the best ways to maintain your lubricants and save. We also help you consolidate lubes to simplify operations and cut down on the numbers of orders you need to place.

Technical Support

> Product Information
> Maintenance and Replacement Questions
> Technical Issues

Description: We’re here to help you get the right products. Bring you the latest information about maintaining your lubes and lube systems. Handle technical questions and more. Our Help Desk is a symbol of the service you always receive from Eastern.

Technical Service Department

> Custom Blending
> Sampling and Analysis
> Quality Assurance
> Innovative Products

Description: At a time when it’s getting more and more difficult to get technical advice and information, Eastern’s Technical Services Department is here to help. The fully staffed lab provides our customers with sampling and analysis to help create precisely blended products and head off production problems.

Eastern’s on-site lab allows our custom – and contract – blended products to be 100% inspected for quality. And proprietary products created in the Eastern lab can result in substantial savings for our customers.

Training Programs

Description: Eastern Training Programs are an effective and economical way to ensure your employees are up to date on best practices in lubrication. Eastern can provide basic and advanced training, on-site or off, and customize the program to your needs. Some of the topics covered include:

> Maintenance and inspection programs for lubes and coolants
> Lube filtering and reclamation
> Storage and waste practices


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