ExcelCool Machining and Grinding Coolants

Eastern Oil’s ExcelCool line of machining coolants includes water soluble, semisynthetic, and synthetic products. ExcelCool products are intended to be diluted with water, and are ideal for general machining applications, including broaching, cutting, drilling, hobbing, milling, punching, reaming, sawing, tapping, threading and grinding.

ExcelCool Soluble Oil Coolants
-ExcelCool 209
-ExcelCool 220
-ExcelCool 222

ExcelCool Semi-Synthetic Coolants
-ExcelCool 455
-ExcelCool 459
-ExcelCool 460
-ExcelCool 466
-ExcelCool 480

ExcelCool Full Synthetic Coolants
-ExcelCool 511
-ExcelCool 522
-ExcelCool 546
-ExcelCool 562
-ExcelCool 563
-ExcelCool 565
-ExcelCool 572
-ExcelCool 596

ExcelCut  Machining and Grinding Oils

Eastern Oil’s ExcelCut straight oil products offer an advanced quality combination of mineral oils and additives.  ExcelCut products are intended to be used neat, and are ideal for machining applications including broaching, cutting, drilling, hobbing, milling, punching, reaming, sawing, tapping, threading and grinding.

ExcelCut Straight Oils
-ExcelCut 604
-ExcelCut 608
-ExcelCut 613
-ExcelCut 620
-ExcelCut 631
-ExcelCut 635
-ExcelCut 644
-ExcelCut 651
-ExcelCut 656
-ExcelCut 657
-ExcelCut 658
-ExcelCut 659
-ExcelCut 660
-ExcelCut 665

-ExcelCut 670
-ExcelCut 672
-ExcelCut 673
-ExcelCut 675
-ExcelCut 677
-ExcelCut 679
-ExcelCut 680
-ExcelCut 681
-ExcelCut 683
-ExcelCut 684
-ExcelCut 687
-ExcelCut 695
-ExcelCut 700 (Reclaimed Oil)
-ExcelCut 704 (Reclaimed Oil)
-ExcelCut 742 (Reclaimed Oil)

ExcelDraw  Forming and Drawing Fluids

Eastern Oil’s ExcelDraw line of forming fluids is the first name in cutting-edge metalworking performance.  These quality drawing lubricants include solvents, straight oils, soluble oils, emulsions and full synthetics, and are ideal for all forming applications, such as stamping, drawing, blanking and tube bending.

ExcelDraw Solvents
-ExcelDraw 152
-ExcelDraw 160

ExcelDraw Soluble Oils
-ExcelDraw 21495
-ExcelDraw 230
-ExcelDraw 245
-ExcelDraw 270

ExcelDraw Emulsion-Based Fluids
-ExcelDraw 303
-ExcelDraw 313
-ExcelDraw 314
-ExcelDraw 315
-ExcelDraw 321
-ExcelDraw 344


ExcelDraw Semi-Synthetic Fluids
-ExcelDraw 428

ExcelDraw Semi-Synthetic Fluids
-ExcelDraw 51717
-ExcelDraw 535

ExcelDraw Straight Oils
-ExcelDraw 609
-ExcelDraw 623
-ExcelDraw 629
-ExcelDraw 630
-ExcelDraw 655


ExcelGuard Anti-Corrosion Fluids

Eastern Oil’s ExcelGuard line of anti-corrosion fluids provides top-of-the-line rust prevention and corrosion protection for machining systems and manufactured parts. ExcelGuard products include synthetics, soluble oils, straight oils and solvent blends.

ExcelGuard Solvents
-ExcelGuard 100
-ExcelGuard 106
-ExcelGuard 115
-ExcelGuard 124
-ExcelGuard 125
-ExcelGuard 140
-ExcelGuard 145
-ExcelGuard 155

ExcelGuard Soluble Oils
-ExcelGuard 274
-ExcelGuard 275

ExcelGuard Straight Oils
-ExcelGuard 639
-ExcelGuard 646
-ExcelGuard 653

ExcelClean Maintenance and Production Cleaners

Eastern Oil’s ExcelClean line of maintenance and production cleaners are suited to meet a variety of cleaning applications, including degreasing, parts washing, system and maintenance cleaning.

ExcelClean Fluids
-ExcelClean Orange All-Purpose Cleaner
-ExcelClean Green Environmentally-Friendly All-Purpose Cleaner
-ExcelClean Purple Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser
-ExcelClean Yellow Alkaline Cleaner for Ferrous Parts
-ExcelClean Clear Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner for Spray Systems
-ExcelClean Blue Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner for Spray Systems


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